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February 01, 2011

As a Leader, What Should You Be Tracking?

It's a new month and that means time for a new blog series, featuring more amazing Jossey-Bass authors. A few weeks ago we read an article in the SF Chronicle that sparked our interest. It was about people who are using new technology to track their time. "Quantified Self" is the name of the group, and they track a variety of daily activities such as how much they're eating and when, their sleep patterns, how much time they spend doing the dishes, blood pressure levels, fat consumption, and everything in between. This undoubtedly can relate to leadership and thus our February series question was born: "As a Leader, What Should You Be Tracking?" We've already got a great line-up of answers, starting with Robert Herbold's today. Check back every day for a new answer and make sure to share your own with us on Twitter and Facebook.


Today's response comes to you from Robert Herbold, whose Jossey-Bass book What's Holding You Back is out now:

"Since all leaders at all times should be pursuing a specific plan to improve the performance of their organization, they should be regularly measuring the progress against that plan.  Second, since people are clearly the secret to the performance of an organization, and your strong performers are the ones who are going to take you to the next level of excellence, a leader should closely track the progress and assignments of their key performers to make sure they are developing as fast as possible and are making big contributions."

Robert Herbold is the author of What's Holding You Back: 10 Bold Steps that Define Gutsy Leaders. Herbold was executive vice president and chief operating officer of Microsoft Corporation from 1994 until retiring in 2001 and is currently the Managing Director of The Herbold Group, LLC, a consulting business focused on profitability, strategic, and operational issues. Bob will be this week's "Jossey-Bass on Leadership" Guest Blogger and we will be hosting a giveaway of his book this Friday - don't miss out!

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Many of our clients are introducing leadership programs focused on helping leaders to be more effective working in matrix structures. It is clear why - given the increased complexity of global organization designs. The successful management of the tension between global units and local units (as an example) is critical in delivering the greatest brand value while remaining relevant in local markets. Senior leaders need to monitor the effectiveness of role definitions, decision rights and leader behaviors in the matrix. Simply put: are we managing the tension in the matrix for the greater benefit of the business. This is an area rich in opportunities!

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