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March 10, 2011

#3 - What should a new leader do to establish his/her style and make an impact - without rocking the boat?

We took a day off but today we are back with a new entry in our 3rd author series of the year! This series is based on the recent news that Time Inc. CEO Jack Griffin left his post at the company after only 6 months in the job. You can read the full article in BusinessWeek here. Today's response comes from Cy Wakeman, and you can read it in full below. We'll have more compelling insights to share this week and next and hope you'll chime in, in the blog comments or on Twitter and Facebook.


Cy Wakeman:

"Change is not an event to be managed but a psychological transition to be led. To be successful in making an impact, a leader needs to establish a willing group of supporters by creating a compelling vision and capturing the hearts and minds of a core group of people. A leader fails when he or she tries to implement a great plan with an average team of uninspired and unwilling participants.  Great leaders tend to the talent first, sorting out the team going forward not by their skills but by their willingness to buy into the overall plan for change. Griffin over-managed and under-led his team, focusing on redesigning organizational structures, cost-cutting measures, and the details of the business rather than on the people. More than anything else, even pleasing people, a leader needs to bring together a group of talented and willing participants."

Cy Wakeman is a dynamic, well-respected, national keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and trainer who helps individuals and organizations achieve stellar results. Cy's background combines four successfulbusiness start-ups with 18 years working and consulting in manufacturing, banking, government, high-tech,and healthcare. She is the author of "Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results" and isalso an expert blogger

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